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H!GHEND makes CANDY CAN cans irresistible

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A “surprisingly fun and unique” range of sparkling beverage cans are taking eye-popping visibility to the next level, thanks to Ardagh Metal Packaging’s exciting new H!GHEND technology.

From disruptive Dutch beverage company CANDY CAN comes a series of sugar-free canned soft drinks designed to appeal to adventurous consumers. Those of you looking for a low-calorie choice, in a sustainable pack, while still being able to enjoy the tastes of “treat foods” – look no further. To match the imaginative product inside, the CANDY CAN cans are bright and zany, evoking the sweet shop and the funfair through crisply printed, multicoloured graphics – and, to make them ultimately irresistible, each one is topped with its own unique AMP H!GHEND.

AMP’s innovative H!GHEND series enables at-a-glance brand differentiation at the top of the can through gorgeous high-definition printed designs that completely cover the shell, including even the shell’s side wall. The CANDY CAN range deploys six different AMP H!GHEND designs for its six fun and unique flavours – Bubblegum, Marshmallow, Rocket Ice Lolly, Cotton Candy, Sour Apple, and the “sprinkles-topped” Birthday Cake – and makes the can end an integral part of the whole pack’s look and feel.

CANDY CAN’s self-aware messaging (“happy to be the weird choice”) points to its willingness to embrace the new and innovative, making AMP cans with H!GHEND a great fit for the range. Since aluminium cans are so versatile for creative branding, as well as being easy to transport and flavour-protective, they are a hugely appealing choice for producers of “out-there” beverages. As the most recycled drinks pack in the world, they also attract forward-thinking, sustainability-conscious end consumers.

“H!GHEND gave us exactly what we needed for the CANDY CAN range, enhancing the primary packaging and strengthening the brand,” said Sander de Jonge, founder of CANDY CAN.

“It meant we could choose AMP H!GHEND colours that perfectly match the specific style of each can, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Making the most of the can end gives the CANDY CAN cans an individualised aesthetic that’s totally in line with the brand, and really makes them stand out from the crowd.”

Gerlof Toenhake, Director Regional Sales at Ardagh Metal Packaging - Europe, said:

“This is an incredibly eye-catching range of cans; they’re a fantastic showcase for the way AMP H!GHEND opens up huge creative potential in visual effects for beverage can ends. It’s a cost-efficient process, and can be used on small print runs, which we know is very important for many entrepreneurs in the current economic situation. Our expert graphics teams are available to advise on using AMP H!GHEND to enhance our customers’ brands and give them the biggest possible impact.”

The CANDY CAN range is available in most European countries from April 2023 and in Canadian and Australian markets from Summer 2023.

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